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JKE LTD is the developer and manufacture for video solution


Video Solution

Complete Camera and Board Camera

ip | network camera

We develop the special IP camera. 

Our IP camera fulfil the NDAA compliance. There is absolutely no backdoor issues. 

We are very good at developing the smallest IP camera. 

Our best selling model is mini bullet camera and mini square camera. 

These small cameras are good for spy surveillance. 

Other camera housings are available. 

And we welcome customers request for unique model development with collaboration. 


Analogue CCTV

Since we started with CCD camera, we developed huge products line like Analogue HD, HD-SDI and EX-SDI camera. 

We also have various housings like indoor dome, outdoor dome, bullet, miniature and our own traditional box housing. 

We manufacture and provide the housings upon customers requests. 

Below box camera is our traditional box camera housing for many years. 



Special board camera

Our customising cameras have very good reputation. 

We develop the board camera upon the customers demands. We communicate with customers for better results. 

We develop many special board camera and video solutions. We have many kind of board cameras with different shapes. 

HDMI camera, Extremely small Analogue camera, and special shape camera. 

please contact us for more detail. 


Fixed lens
zoom control

FZC - It is powerful digital zoom function. 

This video was recorded in our Office. 

Assembled 2.8mm Fixed board lens but the focal length is like 2.8~5.5mm.

(3.6mm fixed board lens, it will be 3.6mm~6.3mm)

It means installers don't need to change the lens like 4.3mm or 6mm lens. Only one lens is enough to install the camera. 

need Uhd?


We are manufacturing powerful 4K Camera module. 

And we provide the various housings like, 

Indoor / Outdoor Dome  |  Indoor / Outdoor Dome  | Indoor / Outdoor Bullet  | Miniature  |  Box 

We provide this high end camera at competitive price. 

And especially for the fixed lens type, we provide the FZC function to customers can have vairio focal option with the simple fixed lens. 

Let's go to ultra HD 

product & solution

special products


The most smallest IP camera in the industry. 

This finger sized camera gives the high quality image and performance. 

Option : Weather proof, Board and Pinhole Lens


ip slim

IP Mini Bullet


The mini square housing helps to install the camera in anywhere and any purposes. 

The 32X32 sized one board camera is making your convenience to install the camera. 

Option : Pinhole Lens and Audio MIC.

IP mini

IP Mini Sqaure

IMG_2656 복사본.png

HDMI Output Camera

Developed for special usages but not only surveillance.

This board camera is for industry, Education and Medical device that needs a live streaming system.

This 5MP camera has all professional and high quality functions. 



HDMI Output Cam


There is no Back-Door issue with AMBARELLA ISP. 

It fulfils the NDAA compliance. 

2MP and 5MP are available. And we secure the enough stock then quick delivery is guaranteed.

IP box

Ambarella ISP

BOX Camera, IP.jpeg
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